Village Amenity Fees

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Village amenities include those village assets and services which all owners and guests benefit from.

They include safety services and security, snow removal from village amenity lands, garbage and recycling collection center on Toby road, landscaping, lighting, signage, maintenance and operation (where appropriate) for all of the assets. Those assets include:

  • Pedestrian bridges e.g. Toby Creek Pedestrian Bridge.
  • Pathways and trails throughout and surrounding the Village and its various buildings including the popular Valley Trail, Mountain side path and Valley path.
  • Common areas not on private properties, such as playgrounds, stairways, picnic areas, benches, fences and directional signs.
  • Tennis courts and basketball court.
  • The Village Gondola, its buildings and it’s access (costs shared with Panorama).
  • Panorama Springs Pools and surrounding areas.
  • Toby creek Swimming Pool and surrounding areas.
  • The Pine Inn gym.

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