Joining & Leaving the Rental Pool

Generate revenue while helping the resort grow

Entering the Rental Pool

Unit may join the rental program on the 1st of any month.

Unit will be utilized for guest rental upon completion of ‘readiness’ inspection to ensure the unit meets Panorama standards

Leaving the Rental Pool

Please ensure that when making changes to your rental pool status you provide Homeowner Experience with 3 months advance notice prior to May 1st and November 1st. In order for the change of status to be complete please complete the HST form and mutual termination form located in the link below.

Changes to rental pool status for April 30th - notice must be given by January 31st
Changes to rental pool status for October 31st - notice must be given by June 30th

Three months notice is necessary due to the nature of Panorama's advance booking tendency of guests; therefore, ensuring status is changed with out disturbing guest bookings and to guarantee all requested vacations can be accommodated for Owners.



Selling your unit

When units in the rental pool are up for sale it can sometimes become confusing as to who needs what information. As the seller, who has the contract with Panorama it is important that you keep us informed of your intentions and progress so that we can assist you, the new owner and the guests with a smooth sale of the unit. Outlined are the steps for selling a unit that is in the rental pool.

  1. Choose a real estate agent.
  2. Inform Panorama that you are selling
    a. Complete and fax the “Intent to Sell Form” 
    b. Complete and fax your “Release of Information Form”, if you want panorama to give information to your realtor.
  3. Showing your unit to potential buyers
    a. Panorama will do everything possible to have your unit ready for viewing when your real estate agent has a showing.
    b. Real Estate agents will have access to a unit regardless of the housekeeping status providing the unit is not occupied. HOWEVERafter 2:00pm, if there is a scheduled arrival into that unit it cannot be viewed.
    c. Guaranteed viewing times are only possible if the owner makes an owner booking.
  4. Get keys for your realtor
    a. Real Estate agents MUST call Central Check-in prior to their arrival to check on availability of the units they wish to show.
    b. Substitute units will NOT be given for viewing if the unit for sale is unavailable.
    c. Keys to the units will be issued to the realtors by the front desk. Hard keys will require a security deposit (a credit card, license, car keys left at the front desk). Realtor now have keys to access rental pool units.  They still need to phone and check availability
  5. Share information with potential buyers
    a. With the signed “Release of Information Form” Panorama Homeowner Experience department will give information pertaining to your unit.
    b. Remind realtors of your responsibilities pertaining to selling your unit as outlined in your rental contract. (please refer to section 6.4 of your rental contract)
    c. Give your realtor your owner locker keys to be passed to the new owner and remove your ski locker lock.
  6. Accepting an offer
    a. Complete and Fax “Accepted Offer Form” to Homeowner Experience.
    b. Think about a convenient closing date (1st of a month) – rental income is paid to the owner whose name is on Panorama’s records as of the first day of the month.
    c. Have either your Realtor or Lawyer contact Homeowner Experience upon closing to advise us of the change of title.



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