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The Panorama Nordic Centre at Greywolf offers a selection of Nordic (cross-country) skiing, fat biking, snowshoeing and trail walking. The network of various specialty trails offers more than 20 km of adventure. Through forest and alongside Toby Creek, the trails provide an uncrowded experience in spectacular mountain scenery.

The Nordic Centre is now closed for the 2021/22 season.

WINTER 2021/22

Our trail system begins at the Greywolf Golf Course Clubhouse and is only a 1.4 km drive from Panorama's upper village. Trails are designated for specific winter sports (cross-country, fat biking, snowshoeing). Cross country only trails are groomed on a regular basis.

Trail Designations

Respect your fellow trail user and obey all trail designations so that everybody can enjoy their activity of choice.

  • Cross-country trails are for Nordic skiers only unless otherwise signed and are groomed for both skate and classic skiing.
  • Multi-use trails are used by fat tire bikers, snowshoers and walkers. These trails are not recommended for cross-country skiers.

Please note there no motorized vehicles allowed at anytime on any trails.

Trail Tickets and Passes

If you wish to cross-country ski, fat tire bike or snowshoe a ticket to use the trails is required and is available at the Panorama Nordic Centre at Greywolf or Guest Services in Ski Tip Lodge. Season passes are also available for purchase.

Grooming Schedule

Grooming of all cross-country only trails will be done a daily basis or as required. All cross-country specific trails are groomed for both skate and classic. Snowfall may alter grooming plans but our goal will be to provide fresh groomed trails as soon as we can after a snow event.

Trail Conditions - Spring conditions exist on all trails. Use trails with caution.

    Our Cross Country are predominantly in the Monument Network except for Paradox which is part of the Village Network.

    Cross country trails are for the enjoyment of cross country skiing only (unless otherwise signed*.) Cross country trails are groomed for both skate and classic skiing.

    Paradox Easiest CLOSED  
    (Pooch Pass permitted trail)
    Easiest CLOSED  
    (Pooch Pass permitted trail to the Great Scott! junction)
    Easiest / More difficult CLOSED  
    Great Scott! More difficult CLOSED  
    Alder Easiest / More difficult CLOSED  
    No Name More difficult CLOSED  
    Pearl More Difficult CLOSED  
    Hale More difficult CLOSED  
    Dragon Slide More difficult CLOSED  
    Dragon Tail Most difficult CLOSED  
    Delphine Most difficult CLOSED  
    Moose Meadow More difficult CLOSED  



    These trails are not groomed regularly and are not recommended for cross country skiing. Dogs required to be under control at all times. Pooch Pass not required.

    The South Face Village Snowshoe only CLOSED  
    Mineral King Monument Multi Use CLOSED March 9, 2022 - Groomed to HALE HUT
    Cool Water Loop Monument Multi Use CLOSED  
    Mountain View 

    Village Multi Use CLOSED  

    Village Multi Use CLOSED Groomed April 1, 2022
    Village View

    Village Multi Use CLOSED  
    Creekside Village Multi Use CLOSED  


    Trailside Huts 

    Our trails offer a couple of trailside huts for your convenience. The Hale Hut has a heater but the Pentagon Hut does not. 
    Please be respectful of the huts for your fellow skiers. Pack out any garbage that you bring with you.  

    Hut STATUS
    Hale Hut CLOSED
    Pentagon Hut CLOSED


Mountain Friends

This volunteer program is all about providing Nordic trail information, education as well as receiving feedback from out on the trails. Look for them in their blue Swix jackets and toques.

Mountain Friends

Trail Fees Winter 2021/22

Please pay for trail fees at the Panorama Nordic Centre at Greywolf located at the Greywolf Golf Course Clubhouse. You can find equipment rental pricing, here.

Adult (18 - 64) $19 $199 $10
Youth (13 - 17) $15 $169 $8
Child (7 - 12) $12 $149 $6
Senior (65 - 74) $15 $169 $8
Tot FREE (ticket required) $39 FREE (ticket required)
Super Senior (75+) FREE (ticket required) $39 FREE (ticket required)

The above Nordic season pass price does not include the cost of the Panorama Pass Card. Cards are $5, reload existing cards and SAVE $5.

Pooch Pass and Tickets

There is a $5 day ticket and $30 season pass to take your dog with you on our certain trails. You are responsible for their behavior and clean up.

Rules for Dog Accompaniment

Panorama Nordic Centre offers both a Pooch Pass Day Ticket or Pooch Season Pass for cross-country ski trails. Dog owners must bring a full-body photograph of the dog when purchasing your Pooch Season Pass.

Dogs are permitted in the following areas, under the full control of their owners:

  • Paradox Connector
  • Placer Trail (from Greywolf Drive underpass through to Great Scott! junction)
  • All Multi Use marked trails

Individuals who use these trails should be prepared to meet dogs at any time.

Panorama Nordic Centre understands some cross country skiers wish to ski with their dogs and also accepts that others skiers feel threatened by dogs. The below rules attempts to find a fair balance between the interests of both as well as safety for the dog. All dog owners using the Panorama Nordic Centre dog accepted trails are required to be aware of these rules prior to use.

All users of Panorama Nordic Centre, whether dog owners or not, should be familiar with specific rules below to support the wellbeing for all users and enforcement. Knowing these rules will;

  • Make users of Panorama Nordic Centre aware of what they can expect in matters related to dogs.
  • Promote responsible use of the trails and facilities by skiers with dogs.
  • Encourage mutual respect between those people who ski with their dogs and those who do not.
  • Heighten  procedures for responding to incidents regarding dog and owner behavior.
  • If a dog bites a human or another dog or displays aggressive behavior while at Panorama Nordic Centre, the incident must be reported immediately, and the owner of the dog will be contacted by Greywolf Nordic Centre staff.  In the interest of safety, the dog’s trail privileges will be withdrawn immediately until a resolution is reached.
  • At the time of purchase of either a Pooch Season Pass and/or Pooch Day Ticket, the owner will sign that he/she has read the Dog Trail Policy and agrees to follow the conditions and the stated Code of Conduct. This agreement will be kept on file with the dog identification data at Panorama Nordic Centre.
  • Owners who refuse to comply with the Conditions and Code of Conduct will have their passes and/or dog passes revoked immediately.
  • Maximum of one dog per skier.
  • All dogs must have a Panorama Nordic Centre Pooch Season Pass or Pooch Day Ticket attached to the neck or harness when using Panorama Nordic Trails. This display will have a unique number that is registered with Greywolf Nordic Centre and be easily seen.
  • Dogs must be under control at all times. If using a leash, the length must be not be longer than 3 metres.  Retractable leashes are not allowed.
Weather Forecast

9:13pm 20 May, 2022


Alpine temperature: Low -1 °C.

Precipitation: Nil.
Cloudy with clear periods.
Freezing level: 1100 metres.
Ridge wind light to 20 km/h.


Alpine temperature: High 11 °C.

Precipitation: Nil.
A mix of sun and cloud.
Freezing level: 2200 metres.
Ridge wind light to 15 km/h.


Alpine temperature: Low 5 °C, High 12 °C.

Precipitation: Nil.
Sunny with cloudy periods.
Freezing level: 2600 metres.
Ridge wind light to 25 km/h.


Alpine temperature: Low 7 °C, High 13 °C.

Precipitation: Trace.
A mix of sun and cloud with isolated showers.
Freezing level: 2700 metres.
Ridge wind light to 15 km/h.


Alpine temperature: Low 5 °C, High 13 °C.

Precipitation: Trace.
Mainly cloudy with isolated showers.
Freezing level: 2700 metres.
Light ridge wind.


Alpine temperature: Low 6 °C, High 10 °C.

Precipitation: Trace.
Mainly cloudy with isolated showers.
Freezing level: 2700 metres.
Ridge wind light to 15 km/h.


Alpine temperature: Low 8 °C, High 17 °C.

Precipitation: 5 mm.
Cloudy with scattered showers.
Freezing level: 3000 metres.
Ridge wind light to 15 km/h.


Alpine temperature: Low 9 °C, High 17 °C.

Precipitation: 6 mm.
Freezing level: 2900 metres.
Light ridge wind.


Alpine temperature: Low 6 °C, High 9 °C.

Precipitation: 19 mm.
Freezing level: 2500 metres.
Light ridge wind.

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A mix of sun and cloud.

Freezing level: 2200 metres.

Ridge wind light to 15 km/h.

Current Weather

12:20AM 21 May, 2022



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